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Miss Georgina’s Marriage Dilemma

Her convenient duke’s touch

Leads to a passionate awakening

Rebellious Young Ladies story. When fun-loving Miss Georgina risks losing her fortune unless she marries, her only option is getting wed to tightly wound Adam, Duke of Ravenswood. He needs her wealth to save his estate, but otherwise Georgina knows to stay out of his way. Except that’s not in Georgina’s nature… She’ll find the joy and pleasure in anything―and for her that means in her marriage to Adam…and in their marriage bed!

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Miss Fairfax’s Notorious Duke

A scandalous wayto meet a duke!

Having tarnished her reputation, Irene Fairfax flees to Devon to focus on her art. Her latest life drawing is going well until her naked subject reveals he’s not the man she thinks he is. He is, in fact, the Duke of Redcliff, a notorious rogue who seems amused by her discomfiture! This duke may be even more of a threat to her reputation, yet she can’t help craving more…

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About The Author

After graduating with degrees in history and political science, Eva Shepherd worked in journalism and as an advertising copywriter. She began writing historical romances because it combines her love of a happy ending with her passion for history. She lives in Christchurch New Zealand, but spends her days immersed in the world of late Victorian England.

Eva Shepherd - Historical romance writer