Rebellious Young Ladies Series

Lady Amelia’s Scandalous Secret

Her rival in business…Her suitor in Society! A Rebellious Young Ladies story. When debutante Lady Amelia Lambourne is presented to self-made entrepreneur Leo Devenish at a Society dinner, he has no idea […]

Miss Fairfax’s Notorious Duke

A scandalous way…to meet a duke! Having tarnished her reputation, Irene Fairfax flees to Devon to focus on her art. Her latest life drawing is going well until her naked […]

Miss Georgina's Marriage Dilemma

Miss Georgina’s Marriage Dilemma

Her convenient duke’s touch Leads to a passionate awakening A Rebellious Young Ladies story. When fun-loving Miss Georgina risks losing her fortune unless she marries, her only option is getting wed to […]

Those Roguish Rosemonts Moments Series

A Dance to Save the Debutant

A Dance to Save the Debutante

A jaded rake And an innocent debutante… Seeing Miss Sophia Cooper being rebuffed by a reprobate duke, Lord Ethan Rosemont does the gentlemanly thing and dances with her himself. He discovers […]

Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet

Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet

Has this dissolute rogue…finally met his match? When charged with distracting the prim and proper Lady Violet from her duties as chaperone, Lord Jake Rosemont is smugly confident of success. […]

Falling for the Forbidden Duke

A weekend with the duke A temptation she must resist! Illegitimate Georgina Daglish is used to staying in the shadows and letting her half sister, Olivia, shine. So when they […]

Young Victorian Ladies Series

Wagering on the Wallflower

And an elegant gentleman… Gauche Hazel Springfeld is reconciled to being left on the shelf. At a society ball, she is improbably asked to dance by charismatic Mr. Lucas Darkwood. […]

Stranded with the Reclusive Earl

Saving him from solitude, no matter how hard he protests… Seeking shelter in a storm, Lady Iris Springfeld arrives at the doorstep of Theo Crighton, the grumpy Earl of Greystone. […]

The Duke’s Rebellious Lady

His best friend’s sister Now a tempting beauty Taking Lady Daisy Springfeld to his estate to convalesce after her cycling accident is the least the Duke of Mandivale can do […]

Breaking the Marriage Rules

Beguiling the Duke

Can an impoverished orphan …ever marry a duke? Penniless American Rosie Smith will do anything for her wealthy guardian’s daughter. She’d even save her friend from a marriage of convenience with […]

How to Avoid the Marriage Mart

A notorious rake Meets a spirited spinster…At a weekend shooting party, where the guests are as determined to bag a marriage partner as they are a pheasant, two attendees are […]

Aspirations of a ladies maid

Aspirations of a Lady’s Maid

Separated by class… brought together by passion. Having finally fulfilled her dream of opening a hairdressing parlor, Nellie Regan has no interest in love ruining her plans. After Nellie is […]


A Victorian Family Christmas

Cozy up this Christmas With three heartwarming stories! In A Father for Christmas by Carla Kelly, widow Lissy and her young son give refuge to a handsome stranger for Christmas… In A Kiss Under […]