Falling for the Forbidden Duke

A weekend with the duke A temptation she must resist! Illegitimate Georgina Daglish is used to staying in the shadows and letting her half sister, Olivia, shine. So when they […]

Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet

Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet

Has this dissolute rogue…finally met his match? When charged with distracting the prim and proper Lady Violet from her duties as chaperone, Lord Jake Rosemont is smugly confident of success. […]

A Dance to Save the Debutant

A Dance to Save the Debutante

A jaded rake And an innocent debutante… Seeing Miss Sophia Cooper being rebuffed by a reprobate duke, Lord Ethan Rosemont does the gentlemanly thing and dances with her himself. He discovers […]